Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Christian CPA Firm

With literally thousands of CPA's in Gwinnett to choose from, find a CPA who answers to a "higher calling" at His CPA PC where we take our faith to work with us each and every day. Conveniently located in Duluth GA, John Dillard CPA is a CPA you can trust and count on.

  1. We care much more about you and your business than just your taxes. We believe our clients are much more than just customers.
  2. We focus on how short-term issues impact long-term decisions.
  3. We answer questions you did not even know you had/knew were important.
  4. We are proactive in our tax planning and consistently think "outside the box."
  5. We practice the "Golden Rule" focusing on serving your needs.
  6. You want fast efficient turnaround in your work/returns.
  7. You want accurate information.
  8. You want your calls and correspondence responded to quickly.
  9. You believe traditional business and moral principles are important.
  10. You want to pay your lowest legal possible tax.

"The American Entrepreneur is one who uses all of the tools in their toolbox to maximize their profits as much as they can and to pay as low of a tax bill as legally possible using every innovative tool at their disposal. Be sure you work with a CPA whose ambition matches or exceeds your own"
— Atlanta CPA, John Dillard CPA

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