Should I Work to Make More Profits or to Pay Less in Taxes?Christian CPA Advises on Christian Business Management and Profit Maximization

Often business owners whose stated goal is not to pay any taxes have approached me. Both as a business owner and a provider for my family, I have never understood the maxim of this argument, as this would necessitate at best, running your business at break-even. However, if the status quo and not growth are your standard, you are apt to have many years at, as well as several periods below, this standard. Eventually this logic will ultimately result in the demise of your business as well as the inability to pay for your basic living expenses for yourself and your family.

Given that we are called to be the best we can be excelling in every good and perfect work, we are called to use our God given talents to the very best of our ability.  Many of us have been given unique talents from above for which we are called to utilize both to His glory and to perform each and every service to a higher standard of excellence.  As such, we are mandated to do our absolute very best at each and every opportunity.  Given his ordained calling, we are called to plan for without a well-coordinated effort, we are doomed to mediocrity at best and often worse.
— Christian CPA, John Dillard

Our goal as a business owner each and every day should be profit maximization.  Though we should never forgo our God given mandate to give to churches and to give liberally and without question or reservation.  In fact, many of the times we are called upon to give we should give exponentially above and without reservation and out of the abundance of our heart and blessings.  To this end, we are called not to limit God’s blessings he desires to pour out into our lives, thus it is solely up to us to utilize the God given talents and thus to freely and liberally exercise the talents God has given. 

Given we are called to excel in all aspects of our lives we are to pursue profit maximization for our business.  We are mandated as well to treat all as WWJD, "What would Jesus do" and in so doing, we are called to be the very best we can be.  It is to this end and to this and only that all of my other comments are addressed.  First and foremost my goal is to save my clients.  However, my business is not transitional in nature.  Although my short term goal is to save my business monies by limiting their taxes as much as possible, my relationship with my clientele is not transitional in nature and in fact, I have a much broader long range vision in mind as I service my clients.  For each and every client regardless of class, heritage or giftedness, my long-term vision is the same.  I strive and eagerly communicate with zeal and enthusiasm the ultimate goal I have in mind as I serve each and every client. 

Our ultimate vision is that each and every client we serve will benefit from our services.  I envision each and every one of my clients sitting on the rocking chairs of their front porch talking to one another in hushed tones that only the two of them can hear.   I pray and fervently hope that the words, whether uttered aloud or silently, still resonate the same, "I am so glad I worked with you as you have made my retirement better than if I had not worked with you at all."  My prayer and hope is that I serve my clients and that my focus be not only on the limiting of their annual taxes but also on a much higher goal, their long term security.  WWJD

We work with you to ensure that we both are successful. My goal is to always impart wisdom and judicious guidance to you and your business helping to enable you to better run your business. Call us today and see how we might help guide you to achieving your short term and retirement goals.

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