Should I have a Virtual CPA / CFO Oversee My Company’s Bookkeeping?

Outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting needs to His CPA PC is a cost effective alternative to having a full time staff and internal controller/virtual CFO. We offer bookkeeping and accounting services to Metro Atlanta business owners specifically tailored to your business needs.

"We seek to provide the very best in bookkeeping and accounting capabilities while focusing on quick turnaround of your financial reports as well as corporate and personal income tax preparation allowing you to focus on getting a competitive advantage in the marketplace."
— John Dillard CPA, President

A CPA Versus a Bookkeeper

His CPA PC, a Duluth Georgia firm serving Gwinnett and Metro Atlanta, offers only a full-time CPA who has decades of experience in helping start-up business’ to those in the tens of millions of annual revenue. Our CPA has been fully accredited and has won awards, also having graduated at the top of their class. As a CPA firm we are held to a higher standard and typically economies of scale can be offered providing a CPA firm for your bookkeeping and accounting needs that is cost effective and efficient. The requirements to be a bookkeeper in Georgia are "to say you are one" whereas CPA’s are required to be a degreed professional, have years of experience, pass the CPA exam and to have eighty hours of continuing education every two years.

A CPA Versus Doing it Yourself

Many of us believe we can do it all ourselves, but I have learned there are some things that need to be done well by others. By delegating your bookkeeping and accounting to His CPA PC you can focus on your specific area of expertise; running your business! Surrounding yourself with business professionals is essential to prudent business management and will help you avoid costly tax problems (i.e., tax penalties, missed tax deadlines, accounting mistakes, IRS tax audit or one from the state of Georgia).

Consulting at Your Finger-Tips Versus "Winging It"

At His CPA PC we seek to serve you as a friend, rather than just a client. We are available at your fingertips by email and phone. We respond to your inquires quickly and efficiently offering you bookkeeping and accounting guidance, income tax preparation and consulting expertise of a CPA and virtual CFO for your Metro Atlanta business. At His CPA PC we work hard on the administrative and tax issues of your business so that you can do what you do best; run your business.

Free Initial Consultation

At His CPA PC we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your accounting and tax needs, IRS Representation Issues and income tax preparation providing consulting expertise of a CPA and virtual CFO for your Metro Atlanta business.