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Unequivocally we are in business to provide for our family, however are you looking for someone who strives to serve you the way they indeed want to be served? Looking at the Golden Rule as a guiding light we believe that our initial thirty minute consultation for all of our business clients should be free. That way you are free to evaluate us as we strive to evaluate how best/and if we are the right CPA firm for your needs.

Personality Profiles

Just as different businesses serve different products, markets, and niches, so are the individual personalities of key management.  Key management personnel meshing with their CPA is of critical importance. As with all walks of life we need to associate with people and personalities who both make us a better person and those who make us feel better about ourselves. Finding a CPA who is intuitive, insightful, giving, and is a good communicator are all essential personality traits in finding a CPA who can not only provide good advice but is also adapt at its dissemination.

What to Expect in an Initial Meeting with a CPA

John Dillard CPA is a CPA located in Duluth GA serving Gwinnett and Metro Atlanta Business clients as an award winning CPA for decades. Taking the time to hire the right CPA is essential to the short and long term viability and success of your company. Initial meetings with a CPA you are hiring should not only be a time for you to interview the proposed professional but also for you to check on his past accomplishments, overall demeanor, core competency, and overall game plan for addressing your CPA needs. A CPA who has a core program is most apt to be more about serving their needs than that of your own. A good professional should be able to easily adapt to your needs and the changes in those needs while also being sensitive to your own core competencies.

CPA firms who have your best interests at heart are most apt to also refer other outside services such as a payroll company, which is most always a much faster and more economical option than either the CPA or the client preparing them. Also items such as preparing sales tax reports can easily be taught to client personnel saving potential tens of thousands of dollars over a ten-year period.

Often a CPA who has some very specific advice as to a direction for your company will share the information in the first meeting not waiting to be sure to have retained a client, desiring the best for a client rather than solely the service of their own needs and desires. Frequently CPA’s have shared insightful advice that clients have in turn taken back to their present CPA for compliance. Although this is certainly desirous in most all respects as we strive to serve, it fails to contemplate the reasons why advice was not forthcoming originally.

As Believers we are exhorted to excellence in all things and it is to that end a hiring manager looking for a trusted CPA should spend adequate time and effort reviewing a CPA’s resume, credentials, and references.

HIS CPA, P.C. is committed to you and your business’s success. Put our years of experience, business accomplishments and bottom line philosophy to work for you today.

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