How Do I Set Up My Company’s Bookkeeping?Gwinnett CPA: Bookkeeping and Accounting Needs for Atlanta Business Owners

John Dillard CPA of Duluth CPA firm His CPA PC provides Atlanta Business Owners with the option to outsource your bookkeeping needs. Whether you need light bookkeeping or help with the most difficult of management and financial statement issues, His CPA can help. Providing Virtual CFO services to Gwinnett and Atlanta Business Owners for decades John Dillard CPA, "brings to the table" a varied and expansive resume of credentials, awards, community involvement and expertise.

As an outside Certified Public Accountant, His CPA PC provides part-time CFO and controller support including guidance on:

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting.
  • The initial set-up of your company’s books and chart of accounts.
  • Payroll and Sales Tax administration.
  • Monthly and Quarterly Financial Statements.
  • Monthly Management Reports including substantive ratios, trends and gross margin analysis.

"We work with our clients to help guide you step-by-step to help you guide and manage your business towards profitability and business success." – John Dillard CPA

How Do I Know When my Business is Ready for a Virtual Part-time CFO? Your business is ready to hire a Virtual CFO to help with your bookkeeping and accounting when:

  • Your workload of your accounting personnel exceeds their time constraints and skill set.
  • You feel overwhelmed with making financial decisions and need a "sounding board" to test your thoughts about business finances and strategic issues.
  • Need financial wisdom for your business but cannot afford the full-time cost of a CFO.
  • Need insight and clarity of complex financial decisions you are facing.
  • Need to develop a system of internal controls and procedures.
  • You are looking to "take your business to the next level" seeking to increase its efficiency, profitability and market share.

If any of these resonate with your present business needs give us a call today to get started so we can put our expertise in bookkeeping, accounting and finance to help you maintain and capitalize on the growth of your metro Atlanta business.

John Dillard CPA can also help you with your set-up of QuickBooks including setting up the basics while providing insight for:

  • Proper recording and understanding of Sales Reporting.
  • Proper classification of your business expenses.
  • Consideration and evaluation of your business operating results guiding you to a "higher understanding of results, trends, ratios and gross margins.

At His CPA PC We Can Help You With…

  • Outsourcing of Bookkeeping, Accounting and Financial Statements.
  • Overseeing of your In-House Bookkeeper and Controller.
  • Serving as a Part-time Virtual CFO
  • Full Service Bookkeeping.
  • Business Taxes of all types including Business Licenses, Net Worth Returns, Property Tax Returns, Sales Tax and Payroll Administration.
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements.
  • Bank Reconciliation’ and overseeing of your Payroll Processing Needs through Paychex, Payroll1, ADP, Payroll Choice, PayCor, Prime Pay, etc.
  • Clean Up Services Getting Your Bank Financial Statements, Bookkeeping and Business Tax Returns Current and in Compliance.
  • Set up with QuickBooks, Monitoring, Internal Controls and Management Reports.
  • Guidance with Quarterly Income Tax Reports, Sales Tax Reports and Estimated Business and Personal Income Taxes.
  • Benchmarking, Budgeting, Cash Flow Management, Business Plans and Strategic Planning.

‘Though your tax bill may ultimately be a fixed and exact amount, business management and accounting is more art than science. We work to help ensure your business ‘stays within the lines’ of tax compliance and profitability by keeping your accounting and bookkeeping both reliable and current."
-John Dillard CPA, President of His CPA PC, a Duluth Georgia firm providing accounting and bookkeeping to Gwinnett business owners and entrepreneurs

Welcome to His CPA PC Bookkeeping and Accounting

His CPA PC is a privately owned faith based CPA firm in Gwinnett focused on providing bookkeeping and accounting services to Atlanta Business Owners & Entrepreneurs. We are located in Duluth, Georgia where the business has been located for decades. We can provide service from either your office location or remotely from ours. As an award winning Certified Public Accountant "we work to manage and guide your business as if it were my own." John Dillard CPA of His CPA PC works hard to help you understand how your business works helping your with the accounting and bookkeeping of your business that you can focus on your business products and growth. We take on the burden of your business accounting and tax administration to help free up your time so you do not have to worry about your accounting needs. We are here to help make your business life easier, more efficient and more profitable.

Put a Certified Public Account and Business Coach on Your Team. Contact us today and let’s get started on your bookkeeping and financial needs.

As a client of HIS CPA PC you will receive:

  • Part-time CFO Services with vast experience in business management and tax mitigation.
  • Competitive fees. We seek to offer business excellence at all levels of business management at fees that are affordable to Atlanta Business Owners of all sizes.
  • A tailored bookkeeping and accounting service made specifically for you and your business where "we work to fulfill both your budget and strategic needs of your business."
  • Instant Access. We believe your needs, your call and your taxes are important. We seek to return all business calls within hours and to prepare all tax returns within days, not weeks.
  • Accessibility to an Award Winning and Faith Based CPA Firm 24/7.

“John is a great advocate for the small business owner who is looking for sound advice in managing the ever so complicated world of financial reporting and taxes. I have known John for many years and have always admired his involvement within the community as well as his dedication to his profession.” – M. Brown, First Vice President, Sunrise Bank of Atlanta

“It was a pleasure to work with John, who is an resourceful and efficient CPA. John is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. He had vision to see the benefits and the passion to turn that into a competitive advantage for His C.P.A.. Besides being a joy to work with, John is a take-charge person who is able to present creative solutions to complex problems and communicate the benefits to clients. I have always felt he was one of the best partners I have ever had the privilege of working with.” – K. Forte, Business Banker/Development Officer

John Dillard CPA…Providing Bookkeeping and Accounting Solutions to Duluth, Gwinnett and Atlanta Business Owners for Decades