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Business Plans

Writing a Business Plan
Writing a Business Plan is your first best step to help your new business survive. A business plan is an invaluable tool that you will want to refer to often to ensure your business stays on track and maintains and achieves all of its operating goals.

Finding a Good CPA

What To Look For When Selecting A CPA
Selecting a professional is a daunting task. This guide will enable you to be better able to select a professional whose talent, expertise, and style will best assist you long-term.

Finding an Atlanta CPA
Even though all Certified Public Accountants must meet strict standards to earn their license, A CPA's experience, education and life experience can help you select the right firm for your needs.

Top 10 Reasons to Contact Our Firm
Learn the key reasons why His CPA, P.C. cares about your business and how you can benefit from being served by a CPA whose ambition for you and your business matches that of your own.

Free CPA Consultations
Do you want that good old-fashioned way of doing things where your CPA looks out for you and your interests. We believe that your initial business consultation should be free so that you might make the best hiring decision without fear of getting a bill for the first thirty-minute interview.


Funding Your Business - Loans, Leases, and Lines of Credit
There are many financing methods that are available as your business grows. This guide will help you select which one is best for you.

Alternative Funding Methods for a Growing Business
A guide on what to do when you banker says no leading you to discover new funding vehicles to help your business achieve its goal.

Working with a Banker and Obtaining Credit for your Business
Finding a good banker and maintaining a close rapport keeping them well apprised of your business's trends and operations results will help him be able to say yes when you need them the most.

Examine Your Options Before Taking Out a Mortgage
A changing marketplace and a tightening economy are impacting financing decisions as well as the whole of the economy impacting this critical financial decision.

Understanding Credit as a Tool: Not a Lifestyle
Don't let credit ruin your life. Learn what the Bible has to say about credit and how you can control it avoiding undue financial stress and burden.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and Accounting for Atlanta Business Owners
We help Atlanta business owners compile and understand their internal books and records. We provide accounting and bookkeeping solutions to Atlanta entrepreneurs and business owners with guidance to help ensure your business success.

Affordable Bookkeeping Services for Small to Medium Sized Businesses
Want quick, fast and reliable bookkeeping and accounting services for your business without the full-time cost of a bookkeeper or CPA? Learn how you can have the advice of a professional CPA, using only what you need, for up-to-date financial reporting that is informative and insightful.

Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping and Accounting
Outsourcing the Bookkeeping and Accounting needs of your business allows you to focus on what is truly most important to you; the running of and profitability of your business. An Atlanta based CPA/Virtual CFO for your business will help create operational and functional efficiency.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Solutions
We are committed to working diligently to resolve your accounting and bookkeeping issues while also working to provide Virtual CFO services and income tax preparation. Our ability to "see the forest and the trees" will do much to provide invaluable business insight.

Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping
Having your CPA be the primary contributor to preparing your internal books and records will do much to ensure you will have reliable monthly and quarterly financial statements.

Bookkeeping Solutions Helping Your Business Thrive
Without a good roadmap, any driver is soon lost. Without a GPS to lead the way, business owners are soon lost in their own data unable to make a decision for lack of meaningful financial information. Hiring a CPA to serve as your bookkeeping service is an invaluable step for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Understanding Financial Statements

Bookkeeping for a Small Business
Unleash the power of information by learning the ABC's of accounting for the business and financial operations of your business.

Preparing and Reviewing Financial Statements
As your financial results of your business are like a doctors chart of their patient, this will help enable you to understand financials and their use.

Monitoring Your Books at the End of the Month
Consistent month end control procedures are critical, as any variance to these will negatively impact the reliability of your internal financial. These are just a few of the tips we give clients each and every day.

Financials as a Management Tool

Managing the Heart Beat of your Business
Unlock the secrets of your business by learning to check its pulse by a review of your company's internal financial information.

Using the Profit and Loss Statement to Determine the Value of Your Business
While the balance sheet shows what a business is worth, the profit and loss statement, properly analyzed, shows a company's growth rate and rate of return, and points to its future viability.

Audits, Review & Compilations
There are three different levels of independent attestation services your outside CPA may provide for you.  This section will provide you with a basic understanding of each, thereby providing a good reference point for selecting the level of service that is right for your business.

Using Cash Flow Forecasts to Improve Business Decision Making
Many cash/acquisition decisions when made in with little or no information appear prudent until it is too late. Beginning with the basis of Cash Flow 101 a business owner can learn how to best make larger financial decisions with prudence and foresight.

Your Business Credit
Knowing your business and its key operational statistics and ratios will be of prime importance as you plot your company's short and long term profitability.

Money Management

Recession Proof Your Finances
Learn how you can begin today to take the necessary steps to plan for lean economic times. Careful study and review of your saving and spending habits and their re-direction will help survive recessions that will inevitably occur.

Investing and Retirement Planning

Investing 101 — Who's Managing Your Money?
Understanding the nuances of investing, long-term strategies, and how to select a financial adviser are all critical components managing your money.

Selecting the Proper Type of Retirement Plan for Your Business
Whether you are just getting started or have been in business for years, selecting amongst the varied retirement plans requires the skill of a surgeon and the grace of an artist.

Stock Options
Learn how non-qualified stock options work and how you can utilize them at your work as a successful planning tool.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Factors to Consider When Valuing a Business
Although each and every business is different learning basic valuation techniques will put you well ahead of others when evaluating either the value of your own business or a potential purchase.

Due Diligence when Buying a Business
Digging beyond the financials will enable you to see beyond what the numbers alone can tell. Studying manpower required, dependence levels on different products/customers, reviewing contracts and leases, and protecting intellectual property are all critical components of any wise evaluation process.


Quality is a Zero Sum Game
The more you give away the more that is returned. Study how you can take charge of your life by being accountable, proactive, and to always be part of the solution

Plan For Success
Only you can plan for your ultimate victory in the marketplace. This checklist will help guide you to consider many of the myriads of obstacles which many business owners omit.


Part-time Chief Financial Officer
For the rapidly growing business in a new or emerging market, the ability to plan for your future is as critical as the growth itself. By retaining a seasoned CPA as a part-time CFO/Controller you will do much to prevent financial disaster from ruining your well laid plans.

Business Ethics
Managing your business and your ethics to a higher standard will help you maintain market share as well as enhance your business' position in the community.

Achieving Excellence
Staying with the status quo can keep you in business, but is unlikely to take you to the top of the heap. To become a leader, strive for excellence in all you do.

Protecting Your Business

Protecting Your Company's Investment in Intellectual Property
Trade Secrets, Trademarks, and Copyrights are all an important of the asset protection strategy of a growing business.

Managing Risk by Using Insurance Policies
Whether you are a seasoned or a new business owner the myriad of insurance coverages and limits, and deductibles are critical decisions a business owner must make.

Non-Compete Agreements
Non-compete agreements are an essential part of protecting your business from workers leaving the employ of your organization and taking your information and clients with them. A basic familiarity of Georgia law is essential to being able to draft and enforce reasonable agreements.

Promissory Notes
Learn how you can protect your business and personal assets by understanding the correct uses and applications of promissory notes, collateral, and repayment terms.

Strategic Business Concerns

Strategic Business Concerns Checklist
Utilize this informative checklist to ensure that you are well armed and informed to take you and your business to the next level.

Expanding Your Business by Adding a Partner
If you are contemplating adding a partner this is a must read well before the stock is issued. Discover techniques how to protect your business and your overall business during this intensely important time.

Top 10 Attributes of Writing Shareholder Agreements
These top ten are a great starting point to writing a shareholder agreement that will help your business survive and thrive despite changes in ownership resulting from death, disability and termination with/without cause.

CPA To Teach Businesses Techniques For Survival
Learn how you can avoid the common pitfalls that befall many business owners so that you might join and remain amongst those who succeed.

Fraud Detection
Discover how you can work to help prevent theft by forgery, altering of documents, or theft of your company assets. Learn some of the key "tell tale" signs of what to look for to both avoid fraud before it occurs and to quickly discover fraud before it becomes even more problematic.

Using Forensic Accounting Techniques in Case of Business Losses
Insurance and Business Interruption/Lost Profit claims are unwanted conversations to have, however this article will enlighten you in beginning the process of rebuilding after a loss.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Eliminating Excess Spending and Managing Debt
No matter how much time, energy, and effort you invest into budgeting for your business and family expenses, there is no methodology which will replace these time tested techniques to appropriately limit unnecessary spending.

Planning Versus Historical Accounting
In real estate it is location, location and location, while running your own business requires you to plan, plan and plan. Seek to understand how your day-to-day business decisions and operations affect your business strategically.

Personnel, Key To Managing Firm's Growth
Whether you are the President of your company or its receptionist, each and every client contact and correspondence affects not only your current years profitability but also its long term survivability.

Strategic Planning
Looking ahead is the most critical aspect of planning that a business owner will ever do. Seeking to avoid pitfalls, maximizing profits, and managing manpower are all-important aspects of this process.

Press Releases

John Dillard Chosen SBA's Accountant Advocate of the year in Georgia
Community involvement from teaching at Emory, initiating law to protect Georgia's children, helping to overturn Georgia law to shield workers from unscrupulous practices helping to maintain the state as a right to work state, teaching a Bible study at an elder care home, mission trips, and much more.


Resume of John Dillard, CPA, Accountant
Read in detail the depth of the past experiences, accomplishments, and achievements of a CPA who takes Christ along with him each day to work. Studying tax law and by utilizing wise discernment are hallmarks of his past and future work.

Tax Management

For the New Business Owner

Tax Effects Of Entity Choice
We can help you navigate through the myriad of tax law letting you make the best strategic and tax decisions in incorporating your business.

Tracking Marketing Statistics
When you are first starting your new business it is a critical time to stay positive emotionally. One of the best ways to validate the success of your efforts is to track your marketing efforts measuring your results and efforts against your business plan model. Learn invaluable information as to how you can increase your likelihood for immediate feedback on your efforts thereby increasing your likelihood of success.


Incorporating in Georgia
Starting your business off with the best tax elections for your business are amongst the most important business decisions you will ever reach. Discover how you can best set yourself up for business success as you consider this critical part of your business start-up.

Nevada and Delaware Incorporation
The incorporation of your business may cost you thousands in unnecessary registration and filing fees. Discover the ins and outs of this important decision and how to avoid unnecessary pitfalls and headaches.

Corporate Income Tax Returns

Corporate Returns
Discover what type of returns your corporation is required to file and its corresponding due dates ensuring that you do not miss an important deadline resulting in unnecessary penalties and interest.

Depreciation Expense
Decisions surrounding the claiming of depreciation expense confuse and conflict even the most seasoned entrepreneur. Obtaining a good base knowledge of the IRS's guidelines of claiming and recording depreciation expense on returns will bode an owner well to ensure that only your lowest legal possible income tax is paid.

Tax Basis Selection
The selection of a tax basis is one of the most critical decisions a new business owner will make. Learning many of the IRS guidelines and rules will help you make informed and wise business decisions.

Credits for Healthcare Insurance
The implementation of the Affordable Care Act means new reporting requirements for small businesses. You may be able to take a credit on your taxes. Find out if your business qualifies.

Payroll and Independent Contractors

Identifying if a Worker Is an Employee or Independent Contractor
Classification of your workers is often one of the most confusing sections of tax law. This recap will begin to enable you to properly classify your workers.

Becoming a new Employer in Georgia Checklist
An easy to review source of many of the forms, applications, and procedures you will need to be apprised of to ensure compliance with a variety of taxing authorities.

Payroll Tax Withholding
Employers are required to withhold portions of each employee's salary and pay additional taxes to local, state and federal governments. This article discusses the types of taxes that must be withheld or paid.

Managing Payroll Forms
Easily the most administrative burden of owning your own business, payroll is the bane of many who try to go it alone.

Tax Planning

Year End Tax Planning: What Businesses Should Do Now
If you fail to plan, you are preparing to be surprised. Learn how you can get ready now for your year end liability and survive the year-end tax preparation process.

Should You Maximize Profit or Work to Pay Fewer Taxes?
Tax Planning is an art under-girded by the science of the tax code and proper planning. Learn what you need to know to be a wise and judicious steward of your business.

Strategic Tax Issues

The Tax Implications of Selling a Business
If you have decided to sell your business you will want to be well armed with knowledge of how tax law will impact you so that you can plan accordingly legally avoiding unnecessary penalties and interest.

Deferring Taxes with Like Kind Exchanges of Property
Tax law has long allowed for like kind investments to be sold with no gains being recorded. Learn how this section of the tax code might benefit you in you as a long-term estate planning technique.

Personal Income Tax Returns

Top Mistakes Taxpayers Make
Avoidance of these common mistakes will greatly assist you in the proper preparation of your tax return, will help you avoid unnecessary IRS tax penalties and interest, and help you keep your tax bill as low as legally possible.

Determining Filing Status and Dependents
The first step in filing your personal Federal tax return is to determine your correct filing status and the number of deductions you can claim. It sounds simple, but it can make a difference in the amount of tax you pay.

Determining Your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)
The first page of Form 1040 is used to calculate the taxpayer's adjusted gross income. While many people think of their income as what is reported on form W-2, there are some other additions (and possibly some deductions) that have to be made as well.

Claiming Itemized Deductions on Your Tax Return
Itemizing deductions on your personal return can result in paying a smaller tax. However the rules on what can be deducted and what can't are fairly strict. Use this guide to determine what's deductible.

Can You Claim a Deduction for Your Home Office?
The home office deduction is one of much change in the tax code and therefore much confusion in the minds of taxpayers. Discover how this law relates to you and its correct usage and application.

How Long Should I Save Tax Records?
Lift up the veil and discover how long and what types of records you should retain and for how long are often the point of consternation for many taxpayers. Learn what you need to keep so that you are never unduly surprised if ever asked to reproduce documents.

Tax Deductions for Businesses

Finding (and Tracking) Business Tax Deductions
Whether you are a new business owner or have owned your company for years, missed business deductions are a consistent cause of concern. Discover new ways and methods to improve your business tracking skills.

Business Expense Documentation
Business expenses and their adequate documentation is key to running a successful business.  Learning the ins and outs of what is required will both raise the efficiency of how you run your business and ensure that you always have proper documentation in the event of an audit.

Handling Automobile Expenses
Vehicle expenses are perhaps the most discussed while still being the least understood of all the tax code sections. Read how this section of tax law can be made simple so that all might understand.