What Are the Secrets to Business Success?Atlanta CPA Encourages Gwinnett Business Owners to Excellence

Serving Him requires us to do more than just the status quo.  We are exalted as Believers to do everything as if doing it for the glory of the Lord. 

Excellence in Client Service

Excellence is not for the meek or faint hearted nor is it for those who are just trying to get by.  As a Body of Believers, we are called to do our best in all things, not just a few, but all.  Our consistent and measured response should always ask the question WWJD (What Would Jesus Do).  Would He do a task half-heartedly or perform just enough to get by or would he look for opportunities to go well beyond what others would find adequate.  By stating our goal on excellence in customer service and the practice of the Golden Rule, we can learn several practical areas of performance, which will assist us in meeting our goal of excellent client service.

Others First

A whole-hearted commitment to excellence on all levels from the way we answer the phone to the detailed processes and procedures we utilize to manage our business and the steps we consistently execute to serve our clients.  To accomplish this, we will need a company motto, to which, all of our work and actions should be measured against.  All tasks, which do not bring us closer to this goal, should be eliminated and all tasks, which do, should be emphasized. 

Although worldly counsel might aspire to this theory because it is indeed the customer that is the driving force of our business, we serve a higher calling to consider others and their needs to be of more import than that of our own.  To this end, I have often left the task at hand to focus on the personal needs and concerns of a client as this would be more God honoring than being concerned with my own specific agenda.

"His CPA PC is a faith based Duluth CPA firm seeking to “take our faith with us to work each and every day.” Serving Gwinnett and Metro Atlanta Business Owners as a CPA for decades, we believe our clients are made in the very image of God, deserving our very best at all levels of our practice."
— John Dillard CPA, President of His CPA PC

Be Like-Minded

Your company, its personnel, referral sources, vendors and managers should all share a common vision being like minded to serve the particular business niche you are striving to fill.  People to whom you employ should be energetic, be able to think outside the box and always look for opportunities to successfully fulfill client needs and requests.  To maintain an attitude of flexibility is essential while being willing to do anything a client requests as long as the request falls within your company’s specific competency levels.

Be Service Minded

Anticipate what your clients and your business will need before an actual request/requirement exists.  As your business was established to fulfill either a real or perceived need, therefore you should ensure that you do it better than anyone in the community in which your business operates.  After you have achieved this lofty goal, then seek to be better yet still.  Never forget that your ultimate goal is to serve your fellow man and to maximize customer satisfaction. 

As each customer has a varying degree of real and perceived need, ultimately the best way to satisfy and fulfill a client, therefore, is to consistently exceed and excel in all of your business’s performance levels.  An integral part of this plan will require you to be sensitive to client nuances, requests for additional care, client feedback and always listening to a clients words and actions both spoken and unspoken.

Be Ever Diligent

You should strive to always focus on having clients and not customers.  Customers are those who are transactional in nature and are most likely not to be consistent repeat buyers.  Clients on the other hand will be those to whom you establish a long-term relationship who not only value your service, they are happy to impart this information to others whom you might serve as well.  There will be many of these who will become friends as a result of your consistent high level of service and personal touch. 

To maximize your vigilance in this area, you will want to always remember you are being consistently observed by your clients who will seek to follow your advice and counsel as well as enjoying the fruits of your efforts, products and services.  To this end, great care should be taken to keep in mind that you are always on stage being ready and able to positively respond at moment’s notice.

Being Wise as a Fox

In the Old Testament in the book of Proverbs, there are many references to being diligent, ever prepared and to seek the wisdom of others.  We are known by those to whom we associate, so are our lives dictated to a large degree by our beliefs and against those to whom we measure our life, goals and aspirations.  If we consistently strive to just get by we are more apt to not excel or achieve anything of lasting value.  However, if we surround ourselves with those seeking excellence and mentors who manage their life by pursuing high standards, we are most likely to gain lofty heights and to gain nobler values still. 

Seeking the counsel of wise mentors and people in our own particular business niche are two of the best methods one can use to gain needed insight.  In fact, knowing the strengths and weakness of your core competitors is one of the best sources of knowledge and wisdom, thus allowing you the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  A consistent focus should always be on maintaining your core focus, however, it is wise to have a well-known and reinforced operational standard, such as "We strive not to be the biggest but the best." 

Seeking wise counsel will always be the first and most important consistent step you will always want to apply to your operations seeking the insight of an outsider will often take your business to new heights, sounder decisions and frequently avoidance of unnecessary pitfalls and risks.

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